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Showing A Collection Of Photographs

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Showing A Collection Of Photographs

The most blatant difference between creating as a painter and as a photographer is what to do with the end product.
For the last several years, I haven't added to my stack of canvases and have only been accepting private commissions that get shipped off when completed.
But for photographic images, there is a much different storage issue.
My solution from early on, was to compile books of specific themes or methods. I've got about a dozen to date.
I can take a quick look back and assess how far I have come, how my experiments have morphed from one concept to the next.
I also use youtube to get videos out into the public arena with similar groupings as my books.
This year, 2016, has been quit ea prolific one for me.
The minute I sent off the latest book, I started churning out new images, one a day for the next few months.
Here is a link to my latest video, a collection of 40 new images from 2016: