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The evolution of Urban Abstracts 12

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The evolution of Urban Abstracts 12

Getting back on topic, I'd like to share with you some of the many ways I put images together.
In the beginning, I was thinking of posters. I made them of different cities with little thought to how each image related to the ones it bordered. Those were the easiest combinations of all.
I then moved on to diptychs, triptychs and collages of like images. For example, grouping sewer covers together or cement cracks or construction equipment. I used a simple and free program that did the grouping and I rearranged the images into combinations. When I look back on those early days, I cringe at my lack of understanding of borders. When these collages are made, the pixel count goes up and a much larger image can be reproduced. The borders are overbearing when enlarged. To be honest, I have come to hate the borders. Rather than compartmentalizing my images, I must have known that I really wanted to merge them.
So, I started over with a new goal in mind. In my list of tags, words like 'marry' and 'blend' were added. I set my sights on unlikely pairings.
My messages for today are:

There is no challenge in putting together the obvious. A child can look at a group of images and match up what goes together.

As artists, we see things differently. That gift, I believe, comes with the responsibility to share your vision.

Using your gift takes hard work.

That's my topic for next time.