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The evolution of Urban Abstracts 2

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The evolution of Urban Abstracts 2

The rest of my trip to NYC was spent looking down. Luckily, my partner and guardian angel, chose to hold onto me, stop traffic and even point out some excellent oil stains, cracks and funky sidewalks.
It never hurts to be with a man who has an artistic makes life so much easier when you don't have to discuss why something is powerful or can just be in the moment and enjoy it, knowing you are not experiencing it alone.
But, enough about finding the right kinda guy....that would be a whole nother blog!
I was amazed at how many abstracts were popping out at me....the subtle shades and the 'in yer face' screaming colors!
That year heralded a lot of Scottsdale, Coronado island, La Jolla, Cleveland, Akron, Delray Beach and New Jersey. The streets of each city opened up a new world to me....all the while, looking down. In between trips I combed the streets of my city. I went to playgrounds and explored inner cities. I took macro shots and got obsessed with utilities.
And then, one day, right under my very nose, the theme presented itself. My road was going to be under construction for three years.
This was one of those moments where lemonade was about to be made from lemons. While my neighbors complained about the noise, early beep beep wake up calls, concrete road barriers being dropped in place that made the walls of my home shake, I secretly smiled....
I put on my proverbial hard hat and grabbed my iPhone.