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The Evolution of Urban Abstracts 4

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The Evolution of Urban Abstracts 4

I have read countless blogs about how a photographer prepares for the perfect shot....the lighting, the equipment and timing.
I was also taking pictures, but to be honest, none of the above were my concern. I'd see something on a walk or pull the car over when cruising the city, and snap away with my iPhone. Because of the bright sunlight in Tucson, I was hard pressed to see the screen or do much more than frame my subject.
One of my high school teachers taught us all about framing and finding the best compositions. Back in the day, we made cardboard frames and walked around looking for strong compositions. Without the technology, or even a camera, we trained our eyes to see good design. I don't consciously run the elements of good design through my head. It has become a second nature process for me.
Whether I am creating an abstract painting and taking a picture, the same rules apply and are used in much the same way.
The most time is spent reviewing what is on the phone after uploading the images to my computer.
This process is often filled with great surprises that can, sometimes thrills me as an artist.
My partner, with his artistic eye, looked at this one image and said " That looks just like one of your paintings!"
I lined it up with one of my paintings and sure enough I saw it!
And there was the artist's eye is an artist's eye, regardless of the tool in his hand.
Have I already said that? prepared for me to repeat it again and again, until everyone understands it!