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What is your challenge?

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What is your challenge?

What are the chances that you will produce something that has never been done before?
Most likely, slim.
That said, the process that fuels this challenge is probably the most exciting of all for artists, inventors and the like.
We already know that we see the world differently. That knowledge should makes us feel obliged to share what and HOW we see, with the rest of the world.
To be honest, when I started taking abstract pictures some 4 years ago, my goal was to have some good reference for my paintings. I have never cared about quality equipment, lighting, etc. because those images were meant only for me. I still don't care. I would never take a leap and call myself a bona fide photographer. I am a painter taking pictures.
Something happened along the way in terms of my purpose. I can look back now and see it was about the challenge.
I was taking pictures looking down, not out, at the city. Few images identified one city from the next yet, I can recall where each was taken. Each image became a bookmark in my experiences, much like an old song.
Marrying two images together from different times and different places was an honorable challenge.
I knew there were lots of people out there taking urban abstracts. Run a search and see for yourself.
The challenge would be for me to do something with these images that had not been done before.
I often see photographers use 'paint' filters from Photoshop and other programs to make their photographs look like paintings. That's fine for them. I don't need to make an image look like a painting because I can paint it. The challenge I needed was much more complex.
So, are you already thinking about your challenge?
A bit of advice here..I wouldn't suggest agonizing over coming up with something never before created. You will render yourself paralyzed from the pressure. You will over think. Keep the big picture in mind that you'd like to come up with something brand new and that will be enough for you to jump right into the process.
Trust me when I say, you won't know where it will take you.....
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