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Visible Lines of Connection by Marlene Burns

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Visible Lines of Connection by Marlene Burns

Judaic artist, Marlene Burns, pairs two paintings depicting authentic prayer...for healing and mourning. As a lay leader, I've discovered that these are the two times that people are most likely to pray sincerely. The painting on the right is an expression of Moses' plea to G-d to heal his sister, Miriam.....El Na Refa Na La. The painting on the left is an expression of the mourner's prayer...Kaddish Yatom. In both instances, our prayers are extremely personal as we attempt to reach out to G-d to heal our loved ones and ourselves on many levels. The lines of connection are there in heart, soul and before our very eyes. These paintings were painted 7 years apart with no plan to connect them in any way. Clearly, there was another plan, at a higher level.

The complete series with texts, can be seen at her website.

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